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#CommChat: Social media analytics & reporting

I missed this week’s #CommChat on Social Media Analytics & Reporting. I was busy prepping for the February Leadership Forum – but the great thing about these good-practice exchanges is that they stick around even after they’ve finished…

This week’s topic was one that is close to my heart. As a past head of digital for a big corporate, and also in my current practice, it is a top topic for the C-suite. Often people get carried away on a wave of ‘big data’ – in reality it is about focusing in on measuring the effect of your actions. Actions that align with your strategy and objectives.

After all, you wouldn’t report to your board that the sun is rising and setting, would you? If  you’re unlikely to deliver value to a board – or indeed win a Gold Quill

All the 100+ tweets from the #CommChat can be found in the Storify from the session.

For the time pressed, here are a few key ones:

And if you want to improve your skills in this area…

Thanks to all who participated and shared – and do look out for next week’s #CommChat – and find recaps of earlier ones here.

Let’s #createconnection – like never before.

Michael Ambjorn

P.S. In a future Weekly Venn I’ll share some of the tools I use myself for analytics and reporting.

The Weekly Venn: stories that #createconnection

Natasha Nicholson
Natasha Nicholson
Jessica Burnette-Lemon
Jessica Burnette-Lemon
Caroline Cornell
Caroline Cornell

The August issue of Communication World is out.

And it is all about storytelling.

Communication World: What's your story?

I found the Mark Di Somma article on telling stories that connect useful, and I loved Lynda McDaniel’s dissection of the six elements of a good story. Read more here: cw.iabc.com/ – and big thanks to Natasha Nicholson and her team for pulling off another great issue.

IABC is full of great storytellers

To pick up on the theme I am going to challenge a few folk to tell a story… and to make it more manageable in the winter sun (if you’re in South Africa) or the summer heat (if you’re in, say, London): I am going to suggest you keep it concise.

In fact a mere 62 words – aka – a sestude.

Ezri Carlebach
Ezri Carlebach

I learnt about this from long-time IABCer Ezri Carlebach and he’s already put his bit in against this challenge.

// In 62 words, share your story of how IABC helped you #createconnection

The visual leading this story implies that it sits at the intersect of people, profession and practice – but I expect there’ll be some creative interpretations that push those boundaries. That’s certainly what I found at a recent IABC UK event focused on storytelling. Riveting it was too.

Great stories across the globe

Is your Chapter putting something on connected to any of the upcoming Communication World (CW) themes? I’d be interested to know.

Here’s what is coming up:

  • September — Barriers to authenticity
  • October — Targeted communication
  • November — Make change management a participatory process
  • December — Communication trends for 2016: A look ahead

Also, did you know that you can contribute to CW?

This is a timely opportunity to thank the CW Editorial Advisory Panel for their time and dedication – if you’re up for serving in such a capacity, look out for an Open Call coming soon, as I outlined in my inaugural comments at the recent IABC Annual General Meeting.

Ultimately, is the answer is 42… 42,000?

And whilst I have your attention, it is also a great moment to talk about another element of how IABC is using our 42,000 strong LinkedIn group to create connection.

Melissa Dark ABC
Melissa Dark ABC

Our Communications Director, Melissa Dark ABC, has been working with her team to tighten up the moderation on the group so that it is better meeting the its good-practice sharing aim:

The members of this group share new, relevant and thought-provoking content, as well as create and participate in conversations that share knowledge and further the global communication profession.

And practical example which I love is a new effort to connect the dots between a couple of different streams currently in play: an opportunity to continue the weekly #CommChat beyond the usual one hour slots (and the 140 character limit).

2015 08 LinkedIn #commchat continuation

How topical that the first one was ‘choosing the right comms channel’. I hope you’ll get stuck in!

Let’s #createconnection like never before.

Michael Ambjorn

P.S. You can find the full group rules on the About page within the group.

P.P.S. If you’re up for helping spread the word on storytelling, here’s a ready-made one for you: