Monthly Archive September 2014

ByRussell Grossman

The Best Laid Pins…….

As many of you may know, although the Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) programme ended in 2013, there remain around 1200 ABCs globally, accredited in the forty years that the programme ran.

IABC is committed to ensuring that we celebrate and maintain the recognition of our Accredited members (a community I’m proud to be a member of myself) for as long as there are ABCs.

A brand new Certification programme is in prep and will be launched formally next year.  It’s running late, but there are lots of details to get right and we were too optimistic in the original plans.

So anyway, last week IABC mailed out around a thousand new ABC pin badges to our Accredited Business Communicators.   I added a jolly accompanying note with the pin badge, and off they all went in the mail.

Unfortunately, however, insufficient thought was given to “the journey of the pin” as it made its way through the mail.

Oh dear.

……So firstly, thank you to everyone who has emailed me to say your envelope arrived without its pin but with a pin-badge sized hole at the bottom of the envelope.

I think I’ve managed to now reply personally to everyone – and many of you were very kind in suggesting this is exactly the sort of PR nightmare that befalls the industry from time to time. Pretty much everyone was understanding about it all.

New pin-badges have been, or are being, mailed out.   Meanwhile, if you have received a letter with a hole in it, and haven’t let us know, please do email me.

Dying throes

Last week wasn’t a good one either for our aged IT-system, which is in the throes of being replaced.

The part which runs our membership database fell over completely, and those of you who run Chapters will have noticed the bit called ‘MMA’ wasn’t feeling well for a couple of days.

I want to thank the staff at IABC Headquarters who worked hard to rectify the situation in record time.  That’s much appreciated.

We’re confident the new membership database system, which is in the advance stages of build at the moment, will be up and running by the end of the year.

Finally, my daughter @GabyGrossman gets married next week.

I’ve waited 27 years for this day.  The table plan is laid; the Rabbi is primed; the groom has been given his instructions; the venue (just off Trafalgar Square in London Town) is set.

I just now need the weather to be good for the pictures……