A Makeover For The IABC Brand

ByRussell Grossman

A Makeover For The IABC Brand

First, apologies for missing a fortnight’s post.

My favourite daughter did get married OK in mid September, but only after we’d needed to change the entire venue for both the ceremony and the after-party for 300 guests at six days’ notice.  This blew me out a bit.

The full story will be available as a new year blockbuster from Amazon, priced £9.99 ($15 in US and Canada, $16.50 in Australia and New Zealand).

Meanwhile, your International Board have been making good progress pursuing our goals to right the Association financially and grow it into new areas; this while keeping the Chapter network, and being a member-based Association, at the heart of what we do.

This is the essence of the 2014-2017 strategy which is at the centre of the Board’s work.  More about this in the “Quarterly Update” which we’re bringing back to a screen near you later in October.

The Quarterly Update (QU) will talk about six priorities the Board is pursuing between now and the end of the year.    All these are going well……and more about these in QU. Something to look forward to  ;-).

Rebranding IABC

But I do here want to talk about just one of these priorities, which is the quest to rebrand IABC – including the look.

My predecessor Robin McCasland set this initiative in motion during her term, and over the past year, a ‘Brand Task Force’ led by Torontonian Priya Bates ABC has overseen an extensive research project to gather insights on perception of the IABC brand.

This has drawn together key external stakeholders, members, competitors and others who come into contact with us and with the profession worldwide.

The next stage is to give the logo and other treatments a makeover.

I can’t actually remember when the IABC logo was not the one we currently have, and this work will certainly help to bring something which looks like it was born in the Seventies into the modern era.

We’re a bit light on the old cash at the moment.  Now we’re working on a separate plan for that, which is doing well, but meanwhile we’re after a great creative agency which will help us design a new logo.

In return we’ll give the agency recognition and worldwide exposure.  The work needs to be done from the end of this month to next February, when we want to run the design past leaders at the Leadership Institute.

If you, or someone you know, would like to refer a vendor to this, or if you represent an agency and would like to submit a proposal, go here for more information. Deadline is 15 October 2014.

Finally, three more things.

New Chair’s Update Video

Vice Chair Ambjorn and I have just done our fourth update video, shot late at night on a rather windy street in the City of London.  Please do view that and feel free to leave a comment.

*Update*  New Gold Quill Vice Chair  

Congratulations to Monika Lancucki ABC (@Niska7 ) whom I’ve appointed the Gold Quill Vice Chair with automatic succession to the 2015-16 GQ Chair. Nominations were invited for this position and I have appointed Monika following a competition run under the auspices of Gold Quill Past Chair, Amanda Hamilton-Attwell ABC.

…..And Regional Conference season is upon us.    The Africa, Southern and Heritage Region conferences are all over the same period from 15 – 21 October so your trusty International leadership is fanning out to cover them all.

I’ll be at the Heritage Region Conference on Sunday 19th and Monday 20th October and look forward to seeing all your Heritage folks there.

Thanks for reading.

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