It’s IABC Regional Conference Season

ByRussell Grossman

It’s IABC Regional Conference Season

It’s IABC regional conference season and IABC is abuzz across the world with leaders organising some really excellent events for between 50 and 300 people.

Given communication is our business, and that often comes along with ‘organising events’, you might think this was a natural thing to do.  But it still takes enormous time, effort and dedication to do it properly.

Indeed, getting these things 95% right may be relatively easy but it’s the last 5% which actually matters : to deliver a conference which our members and visitors rightly expect (many of these conferences have many ‘potential’ members attending).

And that last 5% is the hard bit.

So really well done to the folks in IABC Heritage Region, IABC Southern Region and IABC Africa who all put on some great conferences in the last few weeks.

I was in Provdence, RI, for the Heritage Conference.   Vice Chair, Michael Ambjorn, went to Cape Town and Past Chair, Adrian Cropley ABC, was in Austin, Texas.

I have just published the second part of my video update, filmed in Providence.  See this at

This year’s Heritage Conference in Providence was a good example of where we can use second-tier cities very effectively for conferences.   IABC simply doesn’t need to use expensive places like San Francisco and New York to stage professional, career enhancing and cost effective events.

The conference venue in these second-tier cities is cheaper to hire, the hotels are cheaper, the food is cheaper; yet many second-tier cities are excellently connected.

Although our Association is tied to San Francisco for World Conference this year, and New Orleans next, we believe it perfectly possibly to go for places like Atlanta, Denver, Regina and Edmonton after that : and still have a very successful convention – but without the price tag – for both members and the Association.

This is one of the ways in which IABC is seeking to further contain costs in the future, without detriment to members.

Focus On Europe : this week in Amsterdam, Slovenia, Dublin

This coming week sees further regional activity in Amsterdam on 2nd and 3rd November where the Europe and Middle East Region has its Leadership Institute, hosted by our Dutch Chapter and held at the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam — the Amsterdam public library.   Vice Chair Ambjorn is attending this event.

I myself am in Portoroz, Solvenia later this week (4th and 5th November) where I shall be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our prolific Slovenian Chapter, and speaking at the 18th Slovenian Public Relations Conference.

I shall also be visiting IABC Ireland on Thursday (6th November) in Dublin, Eire.

Applying For IABC International Leadership

Finally, we are reaching the point in the year where IABC seeks people to apply for next year’s international leadership.   Next year’s chair, Michael Ambjorn, was selected last February – but YOU could be his successor in 2016.

Over the next six weeks, you‘ll see ‘encouragement’ to apply for directorships on the International Executive Board.

The roles are not honorary ones – you have to be prepared to work – and the interview process isn’t light either.   We use ‘competency based’ interviewing to assess….well…. your competence, basically.

But having said that, if you’re good (and very many of our members are) you should be able to stand up to the process effectively.

You need to apply by the middle of December.    More about all of this in my next blog.



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