Half way through..it’s been a good 2014

ByRussell Grossman

Half way through..it’s been a good 2014

As we come to the end of 2014, we’re also half way through the IABC Board year.

So this seems a sensible time to take stock on where we are as an Association and where we’re headed.

First off, is to note that we’re in a much better position this December than we were last.

Two things have contributed to this.   Firstly, the arrival of a permanent Executive Director in the shape of Carlos Fulcher MBA, CAE, for which special thanks should go to last year’s International Chair, Robin McCasland, and Barbara Puffer ABC MC, the Chair of the Search Committee, who were jointly responsible for delivering him.

Carlos started with us in July and has proved instantly effective, responding definitively to the challenge to stabilise our finances and bringing important new and fresh thinking to the IABC Headquarters.

The second contributor has been a focus on a clear set of priorities.  For the last six months we have concentrated on just three imperatives : raising unbudgeted revenue, launching a new website and refreshing the Association’s policies and governance.

All three have progressed well.  A summit of Senior Staff and the IABC Executive Committee in July targeted raising $190,000 of fresh income in five months.

In fact, we have raised some $230,000 from new initiatives such as advertising, and creating targeted webinars which have proved very popular with both members and non members alike.

Increasingly, we are interested in raising additional revenue to support member activities from those practitioners who are not members of the Association who are still nevertheless clients for our work and our products.

Our website launched, on target, on 10th December.   There is more work to be done behind the scenes and you may have noticed that some pages, especially those linked to personalisation, still link back to content on the old website.   This will change however over the next few months.

Then, earlier this month, I brought our Executive Committee and the senior staff at IABC Headquarters in San Francisco together for a planning summit.  Here’s my update video from the day.

This is the second time we have done this – the last was in July – and we spent the day talking about how to ensure IABC remains as relevant to the communication profession – and its members in the second half of the decade as it has in the first.

Watch out in 2015 for news of a number of new initiatives which flow from that day!

Finally, I want to thank all those members in Australia who hosted me during my recent visit of chapters there.

There is a strong presence of IABC in Australia, and in both Canberra and Melbourne, I was hugely impressed with the reach IABC has into business and Government.

I spent a couple of fairly intensive days in each city, visiting corporate and prospective corporate members, promoting IABC.

I am always struck on these occasions by how hard our IABC leaders work for the profession and the Association, all of whom have another job to cope with.   In today’s difficult business environment, this is really appreciated.

May I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year which brings us only health, happiness and prosperity.

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Kristen SukalacPosted on10:30 am - Dec 16, 2014

And Happy Hanukkah! This is all great news for IABC!

    Mike KleinPosted on8:19 pm - Dec 17, 2014

    Curious to hear about what is happening on the governance front. And, of course, Happy Chanukah as well…

      Russell GrossmanPosted on6:44 pm - Dec 18, 2014

      On governance, I have a appointed a committee chaired by Brad Whiteworth ABC to look at all our governance and check it is coherent and up to date with what might be expected from a modern association. Brad and the committee may recommend some change which would then come to the annual general meeting in June.

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