Why IABC World Conference Has To Be A Commercial As Well As A Programming Success

ByRussell Grossman

Why IABC World Conference Has To Be A Commercial As Well As A Programming Success

We’re well into delivery now for the signature event on IABC’s calendar – our World Conference, which this year is in San Francisco from June 14th to 17th.

As a two-time past World Conference Chair I’ve taken a special interest in this year’s event, whose theme is Changing the Landscape: Informing the Future.

…But I didn’t want that to be just a fancy PR slogan.  So I asked this year’s Conference Chair, Preston Lewis, and his Committee to give us something properly different.

Which they have.  And so this year we have an unparalleled set of speakers and uprated content, providing innovative thinking and significant professional development at all levels.  More at wc.iabc.com.

…But I didn’t want this year’s changes to be just about the content.  I also want the 2015 World Conference to be an outstanding commercial success.

Why? Because the money we generate from Conference each year generates funding to plough back into IABC, including subsidising member programmes and learning opportunities.

Such as?  The free member webinars we run through the year; the creation of our new Certification Programme (to be launched at Conference); and the investment of some US$70,000 we’ve put into training for chapter leaders at February’s International Leadership Institute.

So this is where you could come in.  As an Association, IABC has always been greater than the sum of its parts.  And given many of our ‘day jobs’ in the profession, I want to know if YOU have contacts which will help US make this year’s conference the one with the most sponsors, exhibitors and financial supporters.

We’re on the lookout for all sorts of companies and other for-profit organisations who can realise the synergies between THEIR products and OUR Association

Here are some resources to get you going:

All About World Conference – A description of the event, and what is special and unique this year.

News and Previews – Interviews with speakers, newest additions to the programme and all the latest happenings.

Sponsorship overview –A high-level outline about IABC and the programme.

Be a sponsor! – The options available to sponsors.  We will customize packages for them.

Be an exhibitor! – Why being an exhibitor will be better than ever this year.

We have made lots of sponsorship spots available! I want every one filled in the next three months. But  IABC can’t do that without a worldwide leader effort.

So please, get you great creative brains going.  Open up your App marked  “contacts” and match up the possibilities of being a business partner with IABC.

Feed thoughts, leads, ideas and contacts (however mad – sometimes those are the best ones!) to Marie Coppola (mcoppola@iabc.com).   Marie will sort all your queries as well.

Thank you for your support. I know that together we’ll produce outstanding commercial results to match the great programming one!

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