Worse Than Goldfish

ByRussell Grossman

Worse Than Goldfish

I was speaking at a conference last Thursday when someone asked me what book I would most recommend.

“None” I replied…..to the clear concern of at least two prolific authors present.  “I don’t think people have time to read books any more”, I said.

Really, I don’t.  Sad perhaps, but our lives are so crammed full with snacking on digital content across all our devices that we barely finish a paragraph before being distracted by the next thing.  Having to negotiate a whole chapter, never mind a book, feels more than daunting.

You may, in fact, already have lost interest in this blog post……

But if you haven’t, then according to Microsoft research just released, Canadians now have shorter attention spans (8 seconds, was 12 seconds in 2012) than goldfish (9 seconds, was 9 seconds in 2012) — and our always-on portable devices may be to blame.

You can read the rest of that article in Canada’s National Post (it also appeared elsewhere) yourself.

It’s not just Canadians though.  In the UK, research we have done in UK Government suggests people look at their mobile devices an average of 161 times a day and that “snackable content” – quick to read, quick to digest…..and quick to transmit to others – is the way forward.

Let’s think about that – and goldfish – when we create our content.

This year’s Communications World Conference, presented by IABC from 14th – 17th June, has snackable content.  Not least, the speed presentations and the IABC Talks (like TED talks but… IABC).

What used to be the standard 75 minute standard presentation is itself now down to an hour.   But if you thought you were being short changed, there are more than 80 sessions to choose from.   All in downtown, beautiful San Francisco.

Designed around the theme “Changing The Landscape, Informing The Future” , the Communication World Conference is very much about focusing on things that respond to a changing world.

If you haven’t registered yet, time is running out.  More on the Conference website.

Sorry, have to go. Just been distracted by something else….

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