Hurry Sickness : An Epidemic Affecting Executives

ByRussell Grossman

Hurry Sickness : An Epidemic Affecting Executives

This is my penultimate blog.   It’s a diptych with my “worse than goldfish” one.

….So my eye was caught this week by an item in the Financial Times about “hurry sickness”.

A chap called Richard Jolly, a professor of organisational behaviour at London Business School, has identified what he calls “an epidemic of executives spending much of their time rushing around”.

They cram so much stuff into their schedules that there is no time to metaphorically look out of the window.

I find much of my own day – and night – is like this.

I regularly have two laptops (work and personal) and an iPad out on the desk : switching to one when the other is showing what we affectionately know at work as “the circle of doom” – that little thing that spins round while Windows 8 works out what it is supposed to be doing. (Mac users please sigh at this stage).

This very blog has been created over a period of four days – three paragraphs at a time.

And I probably read no more than 70% of what potentially I could usefully read.  One day, I will get to the end of the IABC Policy Manual.  Though I have to get to the middle first.

Basically, unless it is short, easy to read, and to the point : it can all just become too difficult to bother with.

British Airways’ crisis manual is, famously, just seven pages long. This blog, like the way we write news releases today, is deliberately meant to be scanned quickly, tasted, then swallowed or spat out. I would prefer you swallowed.

We need to remember this when writing things.    IABC has produced an annual report for the first time this year.  It will be online later in the coming week.

Producing the report is a commitment I made on accession, to increase IABC leaders’ transparency and our connection with leaders.  The Annual Report is also designed to be a reference for non-members for some months afterwards.

The challenge was to produce something where more people would read it than had written it; an instance which does not always visit corporate reports.

I hope we have achieved this in the IABC Annual Report.   Look out for it later this coming week.

And special thanks to Vita Kernel ABC, Sharon Hunter and our pro-bono design agency ImageStudio Creative Communications Ltd who have all done a brilliant job.

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