November ’15 Board Meeting

ByMichael Ambjorn

November ’15 Board Meeting

The IABC International Executive Board – aka #IABCieb – recently held its sixth board meeting of this term and here’s a quick recap of what was on the table in addition to the usual reports from the Chair; Vice Chair Dianne Chase (with a specific focus on the work of the Council of Regions (#IABCcor)); Financials from Treasurer Ginger Homan ABC and last definitively but not least, the report from our Executive Director, Carlos Fulcher MBA CAE:

Portfolio Review & Organisational Alignment

Cindy Schmieg

Cindy Schmieg

Our on-going work to ensure a strong and sustainable future for the association – one where the sum is greater than its parts – continues.

At this board meeting Cindy Schmieg ABC reported on the work of the Awards Alignment Task Force which has been looking at how the recognition programmes at the different levels of IABC can better work in synch.

Meanwhile, do help promote this year’s Gold Quill

Katie Macaulay
Katie Macaulay
Melissa Dark

Melissa Dark

One of the cornerstones of the current three-year strategy is increased reputation in the profession and better brand positioning – and one of the routes to achieving this is by stepping up our own practice of communication. Katie Macaulay and our Director of Global Communications, Melissa Dark ABC, joined the board meeting for a generative discussion to further advance this work. They will bring back a practical strategy for review in December.

Last but not least on this front, the board reviewed the results from the annual board evaluation.

Member Month Results & Technology Update

Carlos Fulcher MBA CAE
Carlos Fulcher

The board discussed the latest membership figures and Carlos Fulcher MBA CAE reported on the latest work on the website.

Moving IABC’s technology infrastructure into the 21st century after ten years of underinvestment continues to be hard work, but progress is being made. I continue to be in awe of the effort being put in by our hard-working HQ staff – and our leaders in the field – to serve members around the world. Thankyou!

Also: the member marketing toolkit page has now been updated with new social media posts and images.

Claudia Vaccarone

Claudia Vaccarone

Linked to this Claudia Vaccarone shared an update from the Membership Task Force. One of the early recommendations to come out of that group is a call for additional investment in updating IABC’s technology infrastructure.

This groups is also doing an analysis of the wider competitive/collaborative arena that IABC is playing in. If you have a contribution to make here, do get in touch with Claudia.

A look ahead to the 2016 Leadership Institute

Leaders go to Leadership Institutes to build their leadership skills.

They happen around the world: Minneapolis, Johannesburg, Basel, Denver, Calgary and Baltimore earlier in the year – and I am excited about attending the APAC LI in Sydney in November.

Dianne Chase
Dianne Chase

Leaders also go to Leadership Institutes. To build their leadership skills.

Once a year we bring IABC’s top international leaders together. IABC Vice Chair Dianne Chase shared an update on the preparations for this with help from the Council of Regions and Micayla Felicion on staff.

Registration for the 2016 Leadership Institute is now open. We are looking forward to an energetic event at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA from 4-6 February 2016. The program for the Leadership Institute will offer leadership training, professional development, and networking for IABC chapter leaders coming from around the world. Additional information about LI can be found here. We look forward to seeing you in Long Beach!

Don’t forget to submit your Chapter Management Award entries by 1 December 2015. The CMA winners will be presented at LI.

Progress towards the 2016 World Conference

Stacy Wilson

Stacy Wilson

Stacy Wilson ABC shared an update on the progress her Program Advisory Committee is making in preparation for the 2016 World Conference which will be help 5–8 June in
New Orleans.

The team is working on reviewing the many submissions for sessions – as well as selecting keynote speakers.

Registration is open – please help spread the word using #IABC16.

Forward Look

At the December meeting, in addition to the Comms Committee returning, we will review progress from Audit & Risk, Policy Review, Academy and the Global Communication Certification Council. That’s in addition to reviewing the 2016 budget for IABC which will go to the Finance Committee first.

Meanwhile, please do join the next IABC Leadership Forum online: details here.

Meanwhile, thanks for all you do.

Let’s #createconnection like never before.

Michael Ambjorn

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