My knowledge packing list for #IABCLI

ByMichael Ambjorn

My knowledge packing list for #IABCLI

Leaders from around the world are heading to #IABCLI in Los Angeles next week. It is one of my favourite events of the year. It is a real opportunity to look to the horizon, get inspired – and make practical steps forward. Let’s start with a few pictures from 2015:
2015 Leadership Institute

Now before attending any event I try and do a little bit of prep to make sure I can both add – and get – maximum value. As the old saying goes: you get out what you put in, and being well briefed helps with that.

I thought I’d share my knowledge packing list in case it is useful for any other IABC leaders prepping for a meeting with other leaders, whether next week in LA – or in fact anytime… because I believe true inspiration sits at the intersect of what you know, what others can help you with – and what you can help them with.


Let me put it differently:

It is through creating connection with others that we help each other realise what’s truly possible – and how to get there.

Take time to explore the intersect. It is where the magic happens.

2016 01 #createconnection venn - #IABCLI

Travelling light? Here’s what I’ve got in my carry-on – the four most recent newsletters from IABC:

  1. CW Observer – the weekly round-up of the latest from Communication World…
  2. IABC Weekly Digest – goes to all members, lists all the global social channels, regional conferences and much more…
  3. IABC Leader Letter – goes to IABC leaders monthly and has the latest on leader events, membership month etc.
  4. The ‘Steal Sheet‘ has handy ready-made stuff for tweeting etc.

In for the long-haul? Here are a few things I’ve also packed for in-depth reading and reference:

  1. Who does what. In Venn. What’s not to like.
  2. IABC Leader Centre – your one-stop resource for the good practice library and much more.
  3. The most recent quarterly report – embedded below for easy scanning. The next report will be released at LI.
  4. Notes from recent Leadership Forum Q&As.

Want something social for checking on the phone whilst in the check-in queue? 

  • #IABCLI – for the event backchannel
  • #IABCieb – for the latest from the International Board

Like any good communicator, you’d also expect me to check that I’m up to speed on Tone of Voice…

2016 IABCLI Guidebook app screenshotThere’s plenty for us to grapple with – and I can’t wait to get there. It is going to be an amazing programme.

Install the app to see for yourself – and connect with fellow leaders.

Big thanks to the Council of Regions – and staff – who have been pulling out all the stops to prepare for this.

Hope to see you in LA!

Let’s create connection like never before.

Michael Ambjorn

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Michael is a past chair of the International Association of Business Communicators. He is also founder of Align Your Org where – with a participation-centric approach – he and his colleagues enable effective strategic planning, communication – and clarity of execution. He has held leadership roles at IBM, Motorola and the 260–year–old Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. A consummate connector, speaker, facilitator - and mentor - he is also active in a number of further networks. You can follow him @michaelambjorn

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