February ’16 board meeting

ByMichael Ambjorn

February ’16 board meeting

The IABC International Executive Board – aka #IABCieb – recently held its ninth board meeting of this term and here’s a quick recap of what was on the table in addition to the usual reports from the Chair; Vice Chair Dianne Chase (with a specific focus on the work of the Council of Regions); Financials from Treasurer Ginger Homan ABC and last but definitively not least, the report from our Executive Director, Carlos Fulcher MBA CAE:

The 2014—2017 strategy says, in a paragraph:

“Financial recovery and sustainability is primary, as is the loyalty and development of our members and leaders and consolidating gains from the 2011-14 strategy. Increased reputation in the profession; better brand positioning; and greater interaction with business as a revenue generator are then the big opportunity to be grasped”.

Financial Recovery and Sustainability

In addition to the regular report from our Treasurer, Ginger Homan ABC, the board also reviewed:

Customer Service

The board reviewed the latest dashboard, and within that a set of proposed additions related to how the board tracks the quality of our organisational customer service. It is a top priority.

The 2016 Membership Survey – the first in a number of years – will also kick off at the end of March. It will give essential insight into how we can continue to improve. Be sure to participate.

World Conference

The board reviewed the sponsorship pipeline. Good progress is being made, but more can always be done. If you know somebody who’d like to get in front of more than a thousand senior communicators, now is the time.

The board also noted thanks to the marquee sponsor for the 2016 IABC Leadership Institute: PoliteMail.

HQ Relocation

This move will drive significant savings in its first year. And it is now complete. More background here – and new HQ contact details here.

Loyalty and development of our members and leaders

Leadership Institute

The two-day board meeting was held at the 2016 Leadership Institute is coming up early February and the board noted thanks to the Council of Regions, the programme advisory committee for this strategic investment in our leaders. You can find a number of posts from the event elsewhere on this blog:

Leader Survey

The board also reviewed the results from a recent leader survey. In addition to operational feedback which is addressed above, the key aways were:

IABC Leaders are extremely committed

2016 IABC Leader Survey - How much time

IABC leaders are aligned with the mission

2016 IABC Leader Survey - important activities

See who does what – and how we do it.

The value of leading is clear

2016 #IABCLI value of leading

#1 issue reported to help get to the next level


Where we’re investing

2016 #IABCLI Leader Centre

The board agreed to make additional resources available to the Council of Regions in their work to make the Leader Centre for Leaders, by Leaders.

Better brand positioning

A number of sessions at the 2016 Leadership Institute focused on the continuing brand roll-out – both the logo – and culture elements such as Tone of Voice. The board reviewed the latest status of the roll-out. Here’s the brand toolkit in case you need it.

Membership Task Force

Claudia Vaccarone

Claudia Vaccarone

Claudia Vaccarone shared a set of new personas developed by the Membership Task Force and these were welcomed by the board.

Also the short-term proposals by the task force (it is a task force after all), the IEB added the following to their charge – for review and recommendations:

  • Corporate Membership as a product
  • Membership Pricing (to be reviewed in collaboration with the Finance Committee)

Meanwhile the IEB adopted the informal recommendations from the Membership Task Force:

  • Execute a Global Membership Survey as it will provide concrete data and valuable insights.
  • Bring alignment along the four Career Roadmap paths, the membership segmentation and the value proposition/membership offer.

The latter needs to be mapped and structured systematically in order to ensure internal and external consistency.

Greater interaction

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Carlos Fulcher

Carlos Fulcher

Ron Fuchs

Ron Fuchs

Executive Director Carlos Fulcher MBA CAE gave a presentation to the board on Strategic Alliances and Partnerships – based on a collaboration with Ron Fuchs APR. They highlighted the overall context of partnerships, discussed how activity amongst IABC’s regions and chapters around partnerships are already taking place, how potential partnership(s) will be mutually beneficial.

The board reaffirmed the direction that IABC should focus its partnership work on working with other non-profit membership organizations around the world (as opposed to commercial organisations – for whom we have a well-oiled sponsorship infrastructure).

Let’s #createconnection like never before.

Michael Ambjorn

P.S. We also convened a meeting of the IABC Foundation as part of our work this year to relaunch this recently dormant, but important part of IABC. Come to World Conference for the relaunch – and a great panel on how great givers share time, knowledge and expertise for the greater good.

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