Inspiration: #myIABC

ByMichael Ambjorn

Inspiration: #myIABC

Picking up on the fresh research from the 2016 IABC Leadership Institute, here’s a fresh challenge for the top performers out there.

You know who you are. Keep reading.

We just closed Member Month and it was a real success. You’ve been out there inspiring people like never before. You’ve extended the depth, breadth and impact of our shared work. Our shared work to advance careers and the profession. Thank you.

Now’s the time to gather that energy. Whilst it is fresh.

Bottle it so we can all use it again and again.

How you ask? Well, the good people at IABC UK have an idea… so here is your challenge for April.


IABC means many things to many people. For many it is a life-long commitment. And we want to share this experience with a greater audience than ever before.

IABC UK is launching a global contest, with the hope that chapter leaders around the world will encourage their members to verbalise and share the many ways IABC has impacted their lives via a brief video submission.

With 10,000+ members in over 80 countries – we believe there is a common thread between IABC members of all disciplines and nationalities that needs to be explored.

The final output of this contest will be a two to three-minute promotional video featuring clips of members stating their favourite things about being an IABC member. The final promotional video will be released at the World Conference in New Orleans from 5th-8th June 2016.

There are two main audiences for the video:

  • Members – aim is to provide a feeling connection – and pride – amongst current members.
  • Non-members – aim is to increase awareness with communications practitioners more generally and motivate prospective members to join.

We’re counting on chapter leaders around the world to encourage a ‘call to action’ for their members to show their support for IABC by producing a video. Whether by promoting the contest on social media channels and monthly newsletters, or by encouraging on-the-spot submissions at events by asking attendees to film video clips on board members’ iPhones – every little bit helps.

If each chapter can take ownership of promotion and designate one video competition ‘champion’ who can take the lead, we know this video idea can be a resounding success. Let’s practice what we preach in terms of member engagement and promoting IABC with a chapter-led, on-the-ground communications campaign that reminds our members why they love being part of IABC – and educate non-members on why they should join.

If you have any questions on the campaign, please contact Kira Scharwey from IABC UK at kirascharwey [at] or via Twitter on @kirascharwey / @IABCUK. Twitter hashtag for promotion is #myIABC.

Let’s #createconnection – like never before.

Michael Ambjorn


Competition instructions:

  • Submitted videos can be a maximum of 0:10 in length.
  • Submissions must be made by individuals, not by groups.
  • Try to shoot videos in locations with decent lighting and minimal background noise.
  • All video content must answer the overarching questions “What has IABC done for you?” or “What do you love about IABC?” Please see the following possible introductory phrases for guidance:
    • I love IABC because…
    • I am a lifelong IABC member because…
    • IABC has enabled me to…
    • IABC has allowed me to…
    • IABC has given me…
    • IABC has granted me…
    • IABC has helped me…
    • IABC has benefitted me…
    • IABC has guided me….
    • IABC has supported me…
    • IABC has contributed…
    • IABC has improved my professional life…
    • IABC has impacted my life…
    • IABC has…
    • My favourite part of being an IABC member is…
  • Mentions of IABC must be in an international context, without reference to individual chapters.
  • Five of the best entries will be selected by a judging panel to win a prize. The final cut of the video created from submissions will premiere at the World Conference in New Orleans in June, where the five winners will also be announced.
  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59pm (Pacific) on 16 May 2016. Videos must be submitted either by email to kirascharwey [at] or via Dropbox followed up with an email to Kira with the following details.
    • Name
    • IABC member number
    • The sentence “I agree to release ownership of this video submission to the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and IABC UK to use as desired for promotional purposes”.

Draft tweets:

  • Global member competition launched by @IABCUK – submit your video clip now, telling us what @IABC means to you www… #comms
  • What do you love about @IABC? Submit your video clip now, telling us what @IABC means to you www… #comms
  • We want to capture the feelings @IABC evokes in its members – submit your video clip now www… #comms
  • How does @IABC benefit you as a #communications #professional? Submit you video clip now www… #comms
  • There’s a common thread b/w IABC members of all disciplines & nationalities. What does this mean to you? www… #comms

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Michael is a past chair of the International Association of Business Communicators. He is also founder of Align Your Org where – with a participation-centric approach – he and his colleagues enable effective strategic planning, communication – and clarity of execution. He has held leadership roles at IBM, Motorola and the 260–year–old Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. A consummate connector, speaker, facilitator - and mentor - he is also active in a number of further networks. You can follow him @michaelambjorn

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