2016 IABC Chairman’s Award

ByMichael Ambjorn

2016 IABC Chairman’s Award

These two exceptional leaders have each made contributions to IABC that have had a global impact advancing the association and the profession. Both are role models for IABCers around the world.

Ginger Homan ABC

Ginger Homan ABC

Ginger Homan, ABC, has made a strategic contribution to the association above and beyond the call of duty. Operating at the highest level, her contribution has been centerpiece to the execution of the 2014-17 strategy for IABC, effecting a turnaround. Ginger is the embodiment of a world class board member: open, accountable and effective – with a relentless focus on enabling organizational delivery. She is also a joy to work with.

Jennifer Andrewes

Jennifer Andrewes

Jennifer Andrewes brings to life the best of IABC in the field. As an organization we believe that in today’s world, communication can be a force for good in business and society.  To make that happen we need to reach into boardrooms around the world. Jennifer and her chapter team out of Wellington, New Zealand, raised the bar in terms of height and breadth reached. Opening doors for IABC with leading government departments, blue chip corporates and agenda-setting non-profits – and those who influence them as strategic advisors. This is true leadership both advancing and enhancing the profession.

Learn more about the Chairman’s Award – and please join me in congratulating these two exceptional leaders.

Michael Ambjorn
2015-16 IABC Chair 

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Michael Ambjorn administrator

Michael is a past chair of the International Association of Business Communicators. He is also founder of Align Your Org where – with a participation-centric approach – he and his colleagues enable effective strategic planning, communication – and clarity of execution. He has held leadership roles at IBM, Motorola and the 260–year–old Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. A consummate connector, speaker, facilitator - and mentor - he is also active in a number of further networks. You can follow him @michaelambjorn

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Lise MichaudPosted on3:24 pm - Jun 16, 2016

Thank you to both of you Ginger Homan and Jennifer Andrewes for what you do for IABC and its members. And thank you Michael Ambjorn for telling the world how IABC is truly a team effort. You all make us proud to be part of this wonderful professional organization.

Yvonne DensemPosted on12:00 am - Jun 17, 2016

Congratulations to both these IABC leaders.
It is especially inspiring to see Jennifer, a New Zealander , acknowledged for work to progress IABC so far from the IABC homebase. As well as being proud to work with her in this part of the world, this award makes it clear IABC has a part to play in professional communication in all parts of the world.

Simon PleasantsPosted on12:16 am - Jun 17, 2016

Fantastic news about Jennifer Andrewes — thoroughly deserving this award. IABC’s Wellington chapter has thrived under Jennifer’s leadership — around 100 members, mostly in senior positions, it is the strongest professional communications body in Wellington, NZ’s capital city.

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