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ByMichael Ambjorn

January Leadership Forum: Certification + Ethics

The fifth IABC Leadership Forum was pulled together from across three continents: Carlos was in Philadelphia, Dianne in Charlotte and Barbara Puffer was at large in Florida. I was in London – and Melissa helped with the Q&A from San Francisco.

Here’s the replay:

Quick recap of key topics covered

Special guest(s)


Dianne Chase also shared the latest from the Global Communication Certification Council on behalf of Sue Heuman:

  • New Communication Certification Professional (CMP) profiles coming soon
  • Next certification level will cater for the Strategic Advisor level of the global career paths (scroll down to see them)

Find upcoming CMP exam dates and much more here.

Barbara Puffer

Barbara Puffer

IABC Fellow, and Chair of the IABC Ethics Committee, Barbara Puffer joined to talk about the work to update the Code of Ethics. Join the discussion on the Chapter Leader forum on LinkedIn – or pitch in during the upcoming Leadership Institute in Los Angeles. The plan is to complete the revision in time for the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM).


By the way, if you have ideas for how we can make the AGM more engaging, reach out…

Q&A Highlights

Thanks to all who attended. See you on the February Leader Forum.

Let’s #createconnection – like never before.

Michael Ambjorn

ByMichael Ambjorn

September ’15 Board meeting

The IABC International Executive Board – aka #IABCieb – recently held its fourth board meeting of this term and here’s a quick recap of what was on the table in addition to the usual reports from the Chair; Vice Chair Dianne Chase (with a specific focus on the work of the Council of Regions (#IABCcor); Financials from Treasurer Ginger Homan ABC and last definitively but not least, the report from our Executive Director, Carlos Fulcher MBA CAE:

Portfolio Review & Organisational Alignment

At the 2015 AGM I talked about the commission of a comprehensive review of our portfolio of programmes, products and services to ensure that each and every one of them makes a return. Whether in the form of impact in line with out mission, or financially, to fund impact elsewhere.

Ginger Homan ABC

Ginger Homan ABC

I am extremely pleased that thanks to the hard work of our Treasurer Ginger Homan ABC and our Executive Director Carlos Fulcher MBA CAE

Carlos Fulcher MBA CAE

Carlos Fulcher MBA CAE

this work has now been completed.

The IABC Executive Committee recently convened in San Francisco to review this and we brought our findings to the full board for an initial generative discussion. The Council of Regions is also being asked to give input.

The board will convene one more time this month to focus in on this topic further with the aim of making IABC more than the sum of its parts.

Gold Quill

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