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IABC Executive Director, Carlos Fulcher, moves on with thanks from the board

Carlos Fulcher

IABC Executive Director, Carlos Fulcher, moves on with thanks from the board in the last year of the contract.

“After much deliberation, I have decided to step down from my role as Executive Director,” said Fulcher. “I have utmost respect for the International Executive Board and IABC. I found my two plus years with IABC to be very rewarding and filled with great accomplishments. I wish IABC and all its stakeholders the best of luck and a prosperous future.”

Great strides were made in the last couple of years advancing our financial recovery and overall sustainability as an association; as set out in our regular quarterly and annual reports.

Stephanie Doute

Stephanie Doute, CAE, IABC’s Membership Director, is taking over as Acting Executive Director with immediate effect.  “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to step into this role and work with the IABC leadership and staff moving the work of the association forward to serve our members.” Doute noted.  “I am humbled and excited and look forward to our continued advancement.”

January Leadership Forum: Certification + Ethics

The fifth IABC Leadership Forum was pulled together from across three continents: Carlos was in Philadelphia, Dianne in Charlotte and Barbara Puffer was at large in Florida. I was in London – and Melissa helped with the Q&A from San Francisco.

Here’s the replay:

Quick recap of key topics covered

Special guest(s)


Dianne Chase also shared the latest from the Global Communication Certification Council on behalf of Sue Heuman:

  • New Communication Certification Professional (CMP) profiles coming soon
  • Next certification level will cater for the Strategic Advisor level of the global career paths (scroll down to see them)

Find upcoming CMP exam dates and much more here.

Barbara Puffer
Barbara Puffer

IABC Fellow, and Chair of the IABC Ethics Committee, Barbara Puffer joined to talk about the work to update the Code of Ethics. Join the discussion on the Chapter Leader forum on LinkedIn – or pitch in during the upcoming Leadership Institute in Los Angeles. The plan is to complete the revision in time for the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM).


By the way, if you have ideas for how we can make the AGM more engaging, reach out…

Q&A Highlights

Thanks to all who attended. See you on the February Leader Forum.

Let’s #createconnection – like never before.

Michael Ambjorn

January ’16 Board Meeting

The IABC International Executive Board – aka #IABCieb – recently held its eigth board meeting of this term and here’s a quick recap of what was on the table in addition to the usual reports from the Chair; Vice Chair Dianne Chase (with a specific focus on the work of the Council of Regions); Financials from Treasurer Ginger Homan ABC and last but definitively not least, the report from our Executive Director, Carlos Fulcher MBA CAE:

The 2014—2017 strategy says, in a paragraph:

“Financial recovery and sustainability is primary, as is the loyalty and development of our members and leaders and consolidating gains from the 2011-14 strategy. Increased reputation in the profession; better brand positioning; and greater interaction with business as a revenue generator are then the big opportunity to be grasped”.

Financial Recovery and Sustainability

HQ Relocation

Terry Cerisoles
Terry Cerisoles
Michael Ambrozewicz
Michael Ambrozewicz
Jan Hoover
Jan Hoover
Ginger Homan
Ginger Homan
Carlos Fulcher
Carlos Fulcher

Carlos Fulcher reported progress on the imminent move of IABC’s headquarters.

This move will save IABC $350,000 in its first year.

In line with strategy, IABC now operates as a virtual organization, with staff located in many places around the US.

This means a smaller office space is required, with the additional benefit of lowering the cost of rent and other overheads.

The relocation process started more than a year ago with the creation of a HQ Relocation Task Force to educate the board on the decision, financial and operational model, and location criteria.

This has been a collaborative effort from staff and the International Executive Board.

Big thanks goes out to Carlos Fulcher and staff – and Terry CerisolesMichael AmbrozewiczGinger Homan and Jan Hoover who also made a significant contribution to this work.

There may be some delays in responding to member queries during the move process, and there will be a phone outage on moving day (29 January 2016) when the phone system is relocated. Your patience is appreciated.


George McGrath
George McGrath

Separately, the Investment Committee, chaired by George McGrath, reported that IABC investments are performing in line with current market expectations.

Loyalty and development of our members and leaders

Leadership Institute

The 2016 Leadership Institute is coming up early February and the board is grateful to the Council of Regions who are the programme advisory committee for this strategic investment in our leaders. If you haven’t already, do register now.


Brad Whitworth
Brad Whitworth
Anna Willey
Anna Willey
Robin McCasland
Robin McCasland

The Fellows Task Force, chaired by ABC and IABC Fellow, Brad Whitworth, made a recommendation that a permanent Fellows Committee be established and:

  • Increase the number of IABC members on the Fellows Committee from five to seven to include two members who are not currently Fellows.
  • Move from the current chair/past-chair governance structure to a more consistent vice-chair/chair/past-chair structure to provide continuity. This is in line with the broader succession strategy IABC is pursuing.
  • Establish a new Fellows Committee Terms of Reference that offers clear governance as well as guidelines for the work of the Committee in supporting IABC year-round.

The unanimously adopted these recommendations – and also took agreed to deliberate on a number of further ideas brought by the Fellows Task Force. Some of these have also been passed to the Membership Task Force.

A big thanks also goes to IABC Fellow, Anna Willey ABC MC and IABC Past Chair, Robin McCasland for their contributions to this work.

Better brand positioning

World Conference

Stacy Wilson
Stacy Wilson

The board charged this year’s World Conference Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) with taking things to the next level.

Stacy Wilson, the chair of the PAC, reported strong progress on the preparations for #IABC16. It is a tough job, and I am grateful for all the hard work being put in by Stacy, staff and the wider PAC.

I’m also encouraged by the number of sponsors and exhibitors signing up to support. We have room for more though! Please help spread the word.

Greater interaction

Up next we have the monthly Leadership Forum. In addition to #IABCLI and the usual Q&A will cover:

Hope to see you there!

Let’s #createconnection like never before.

Michael Ambjorn