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ByMichael Ambjorn

2016 #IABCLI in numbers – and immediate next steps

The 2016 International Leadership Institute brought together IABC leaders from around the world. Some 150+ in-person at the scenic Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA – and hundreds more around the world who tuned in virtually:

Participation up 25% on 2015

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Launch of quarterly report

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Why we invest in leaders

And the winners are…

See all the 2016 winners.

Great Q&A – and next steps…

Here’s the IABC Chapter Leader Group on LinkedIn – pitch in. If a question isn’t answered already, just ask and we’ll cover it. We’d also love to see you on the next Leadership Forum – where we also do Q&A.

Let’s #createconnection – like never before.

Michael Ambjorn

ByMichael Ambjorn

And the winners are…

At the opening reception for the 2016 Leadership Institute we unveiled this year’s award winners – big thanks to the Toronto chapter members, who were the evaluators for this year’s awards. Thank you to all the leaders and staff who worked hard to ensure we have another year of fantastic work to recognise. 

Chapter Leader of the Year

Sherry Boyd

Sherry Boyd

Leading a Chapter takes a lot of work and commitment. Our chapter leader of the year has taken on various chapter leadership roles, and has developed strategies that have contributed to the success of the chapter. This member’s passion for IABC has inspired others to take on leadership roles within the chapter, which have been critical to the chapter.

This members has provided guidance to board members, and spearheaded a volunteer appreciation program to keep board members engaged. She has been instrumental in planning conferences and events. With her leadership, the chapter has begun seeing a profit from each program, and has built strong relationships within the community in order to ensure chapter success.

She drove the rebranding for the chapter and has been instrumental in revitalizing the website and newsletter communications.

This chapter leader is an outstanding ambassador for IABC. I’m proud to congratulate our Chapter Leader of the Year: Sherry Boyd, Colorado 

Regional Leader of the Year

Leanne Joyce

Leanne Joyce

In reviewing nominations for Regional Leader of the Year, one of the things we look for is someone who has gone above and beyond. It is someone who has the ability to rally leaders from around the region, to work together effectively.

The 2016 Region Leader of the Year is someone who has taken a struggling region and built foundations that have allowed the region to grow and prosper. Engagement within the region from chapters, their leaders, and members is extremely high, due to her enthusiasm and passion.

Under her leadership, the region was able to have its first successful regional Leadership Institute in over three years, and coordinate a visit with the IABC Chair to various chapters throughout the region.

The visit programme has received great feedback from chapter leaders and members throughout the region, and has established a stronger engagement among them.

She understands that there are cultural differences among chapter leaders within the region, and has developed relationships with leaders in each chapter in order to ensure she is giving them the support that they need.

Recognizing that not all chapter leaders would have the opportunity to attend the region LI, she organized reports, video and blogging so that chapter leaders would still benefit from the event even in their absence.

This leader has devoted time to creating a connection among chapter leaders in a region that is culturally diverse and geographically challenging, which has led to regional growth. I’m very pleased to announce that our Regional Leader of the Year is: Leanne Joyce, Asia Pacific

Small Chapter of the Year

Newfoundland & Labrador did a fantastic job with Financial Management in 2015. For a small chapter, the team does a good job at setting measurable objectives and goals. The chapter leadership has set policies and practices to ensure transparent reporting, which is an excellent way to build member trust and confidence in board management. Congratulations Newfoundland & Labrador!

Medium Chapter of the Year

With an Excellence Award in Leadership Development, and Merit Awards in Sponsorship, Student Involvement, and Community Involvement, Kansas City had an amazing year in 2015! The chapter has strong practices to develop volunteers, with an aim to prepare them to serve in more senior leadership roles. Leadership is a priority of this chapter, which has paved the way to successful endeavours and a strong overall chapter.

Congratulations Kansas City!

Large Chapter of the Year

The Dallas Chapter did a fantastic job with Communication and Professional Development in 2015. The chapter does an excellent job at reaching outreach. Dallas has implemented strong plans to offer affordable Professional Development opportunities with valuable subject matter for attendees.

Congratulations Dallas!

International Chapter of the Year 

While all our Chapters of the Year are highly deserving of their awards, one chapter did stand out in terms of the scope and comprehensiveness of their approach in 2015.

Please join me in congratulating the International Chapter of the Year: Kansas City.

See all the winners here:

Please join me in congratulating these exceptional leaders: see pictures and more by following #IABCLI – and you could always drop the winners a note, or simply hit like / RT one of the tweets above. 

Let’s #createconnection – like never before.

Michael Ambjorn