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ByMichael Ambjorn

Making Global Communications Work

Making Global Comms Work Graphic

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Recently I had the privilege of chairing an event on behalf of IABC UK, kindly hosted by top comms headhunting firm VMA.

I’ve been reading the follow-on blog posts and I particularly like the nice visually-amplified summary from Gay Flashman. I would add just one more column (which Gay covers in the main text): the Global Standard. It adds the professional process that helps practitioners make sense of the other two.

Read her full post here.

Meanwhile I commend the panel to you – big thanks to them for sharing their experience and insights from across the globe:

Claudia Damato

Claudia Damato

Tom Blackwell

Tom Blackwell

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson

Last but not least thanks to Kirsty Brown and Casilda Malagon for organising and inviting. And with that, let’s close out with some practical advice from the UK Chapter President – hear hear!:

Topical to that, do check out the notes from the inaugural IABC Leadership Forum – and look out for the invite to the October edition.

Let’s #createconnection – like never before.

Michael Ambjorn

P.S. You might ask why the Global Standards are not at the centre of the intersect in the Venn: discuss.