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ByMichael Ambjorn

#IABCleaders: silos are so yesterday

How do you get people across the world to work together collaboratively in pursuit of a shared aim? That’s a tricky question when you have 1,000 leaders distributed across the globe. Anybody who has worked for a large organisation will recognise that silos can quickly develop. Silos that slow things down at best, or confuse and cause wasted effort at worst.

Traditionally organisations rely on cascade – but in today’s interconnected world we know that doesn’t always work. Just look at the standard open rates for mass email. Sobering. Then look at the click rate. Doubly sobering.

I am pleased to say that IABC’s monthly Leader Letter (put together by our hardworking staff at HQ) has an open rate that far exceeds the industry average. We know it is valued by the many leaders who engage with it. We also know that amongst the readers – and those who do not – there is an appetite for more communication: realtime conversation in addition to the traditional asynchronous cascade. The Chair of the board’s Communication Committee, Katie Macaulay, has in fact written a whole book about it, but that’s another story.

In last Weekly Venn we looked at timezones, today we’ll look at a practical way we hope to connect leaders across the world to share and learn. It is called the #IABCleaders Forum – and here’s a snippet preview from the plan:

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