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ByMichael Ambjorn

An Extreme Reading / Listening List

Sherry Boyd

Sherry Boyd

Julie Ludwig

Julie Ludwig

Our Executive Director Carlos Fulcher and I just hosted a the closing session at the Denver ‘Taking it to the extreme’ conference – organised by the IABC Southern Region and chaired by long-time IABC leader Sherry Boyd and hosted by  Regional Chair Julie Ludwig.  Their team did an ace job bringing together 120+ communicators from across North America.

It was a fast-moving session – the group reflected on the insights, ideas and opportunities that had come up during the conference.


Search #IABCextreme for lots of tweets…

One of the outputs from the session was a shared reading / listening list – and it is a long one.

I think we can safely match it to the theme of the conference: taking it to the extreme.

If you have an article, book or podcast to add – please post it in the comments – or tweet me @michaelambjorn and I’ll share in a future post.

Either way, enjoy!

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